History ...

"Now that we have two M.D.'s, the people have concluded that we need a cemetery. On October 21, 1902 an organization was affected and a Board of Directors was elected". 
       - The Tattler, Vol I. #2, Oct., 1902


In 1902 a group of interested local citizens banded together to form The Fair Oaks Cemetery Association. The group purchased two and a half acres at Olive and New York Avenues for $250.00 for a community burial ground.  The Cemetery Association was incorporated November 3, 1903.

In 1926, a large majority of citizens petitioned the county for a taxing district. Thus the Fair Oaks Cemetery District was formed August 28, 1926 as a Public Cemetery, by resolution of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors.

Two of the earliest burials at the Fair Oaks Cemetery are Lillian Maude Shelton and Nellie Williams, who both died in 1898. The first "official" burial was that of Mrs. Sarah Vail in 1903.

Of the many veterans buried in the Fair Oaks Cemetery, there are about a dozen who saw service in the Civil War.